I am
Tiina Janka, 30 plus something, and I live in Vantaa, Finland with my better half Stig and our son Sebastian (born 12/2010).  I am filosofie magister and work as a science teacher in Helsinki swedish speaking school. I studied in Åbo Akademi.  

Dogs has been a part of my life since late 1980's. In 1991 I got my first dog, a very shy german shephard. 1992-2006 golden retriever Karvin Ella Ettan "Etta" lived with us and she stayed her last years with my parents in Tampere. When I moved to Turku to study in 1998, I purchased my first Welsh Springer Spaniel Sweetie-pie Kathy also known as "Kati" and fell in love with the breed. A year later I imported a male from Wales, and this humorous chap is called Fin Ch Micarobian Harry. Nowadays I live with Kati and Kati's and Harry's granddaughter Raisa. I also co-own Raisa's daughter Wilma and Raisa's Nuppu-sister's daughters Hertta and Fanny. 

Soon after I got Kati I was able to see, how easy she was to train. She introduced me to the world of obedience trials (we compete in winners class, Harry is in open class, Raisa in winners class), hunting and Field Trials (where she has prizes), blood tracking (1 st prize in open class) and agility, where she got to highest Maxi-3 class. Raisa has both agility-CC in highest Maxi-3 class and we have been places in Finnish Championships as 29th. Harry became Show Champion quite easily and has also nice results in agility. Raisa is Finnish, Estonian and Russian Show Champion. The most important thing in training is still having fun with the dogs.

I passed the breeder's course in 1998 and have kennel affix Jangas, which has it's origin in our family name, which was written as "Janga" for years ago. My first litter Jangas B-litter was born 2003, and it consisted of four outgoing, lively puppies. Jangas C-litter was born in 2004 and D-litter in 2006.  They have been followed by E- and F-litters 2009 and 2010.

I am also obedience trainer, work in tracking trials and as a ring stewrd in dog shows. I have been in charge of obedience courses for Spaniels or Springers in Turku for some years and find teaching others very rewarding. I am also a committee member in Finnish Springer Spaniel Club, and in MH (mental description) and breeding committee. I used to be in South-Western Finland's Spaniel Club's committee member also, but now my time seems to limited.

I have also attended Springer Spaniel Club's youth camps many years, nowadays I am organizing Springer Spaniel Camps for all springer people.

I am a member in following clubs:

Contact information:

Tiina Janka
Koivumäentie 13 H 14
01230 Vantaa
tel. + 358 -41- 5220221
e-mail: tiina.janka (at) kolumbus.fi
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