My Welsh Springer Spaniels

Sweetie-pie Kathy aka "Kati" made me fall in love with this beautiful breed in 1998. She is very special to me and has achieved prizes in field trials, tracking, obedience, agility and dog shows.

One year later Fin Ch Micarobian Harry alias "Harry" came from Wales. "Harry the Hurricane" (as my brother calls him) loves the whole wide world and is always wagging his tail. He lives with my mother at the moment.

Raisa aka Jangas Duck Soup, born 2006, is full of energy and tricks. She is delightful to train with and lives with grandma Kati and grandpa Harry.


Kati's and Harry's granddaughter Jangas Dimples "Manteli" lives with family Nummelin and her dame Jangas Behaving Badly "Täplä" in Turku.

Kati's and Harry's granddaughter adorable Jangas Dolce Vita "Nuppu" lives with Pauli Sarsama, Riikka Liimatainen and their children in Vantaa.

other Welsh Springer Spaniels

d'Ann Cambris Button Nose "Masi" moved to Finland from France in september 2006. He is owned and loved by family Kröger and lives as little brother to Jangas Blame the Dog "Eppu".

In Memorian

Golden Retriever Karvin Ella Ettan alias "Etta"

My first own dog was a very timid German Shepherd Gutgebautt Miracle.
6.12.1990 - 17.5.1992