Wilma has mated with Amor.
We hope to have puppies in the end of august.

Maxberry's Amor born 9.4.2004 Jangas Ees-Taas "Wilma" born 9.3.2009

Maxberry's Amor
is a handsome 7-years-old male, who has first prize in field trials and CC from dog shows. He has AB hips and clear eyes.

Jangas Ees-Taas
is easy, sweet and playful welsh. She has been puppy tested and have participated Mental Description (MH = mentalbeskrivning). She has been Best of Breed-puppy and has Very Good in dog shows. She has A hips and clear eyes.

Inbreeding coefficient for this litter would be only 1,09% (6 generations).

Pedigree of G-litter would look like this:
Maxberry's Amor
(SPVE avo1)
Fin Mva Sweetie-pie Famoso (SPME voi2) Fin K&Mva Aki
Sweetie-pie Diana
Fin Kva Korpinotkon Ciccioline Kans&Fin&Rus M Fin&S Jva Real Braf Forerunner
Alexway's Lollypop
Jangas Ees-Taas Pohj Jva S&N Mva Gravelfarm's Famouse Grouse S&N Jva S&N&DK Mva Thawround's Birdcatcher
S&N Jva S&N Mva Trigger Pretty Pumpkin
Fin&Est&Rus Mva Jangas Duck Soup McTwister's Wet Wet Wet
Jangas Behaving Badly

All Jangas-puppies are registered in the Finnish Kennel Club. They are checked by vet, wormed, vaccinated (parvo), ID-marked and puppy tested (Volhard's Puppy Aptitude test and Malmskogen's test) before moving their own homes at the age of 8 weeks. More information in finnish.

Contact information:

Tiina Janka
Koivumäentie 13 H 14
01230 Vantaa

p.+358 -41- 5220 221

e-mail: tiina.janka(at)kolumbus.fi